1. How to Make Your Camp’s Water Activities a Standout Feature

    How to Make Your Camp’s Water Activities a Standout Feature

    When it comes to your camp’s water activities, please think outside of the box

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  2. NEW! Spinera Delta 2

    NEW! Spinera Delta 2

    Faster, higher, further, wilder, triangle tube - Delta2!

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  3. RollerBone Balance Bone

    RollerBone Balance Bone

    For body & soul – your private take-away gym

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  4. "Träffpunkt Idrott" Sweden

    "Träffpunkt Idrott" Sweden

    Visit us at the fair "Träffpunkt Idrott" in Sweden!

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  5. HISWA Amsterdam

    HISWA Amsterdam

    Visit us at HISWA Amsterdam!

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  6. Jetpilot Dog Vest

    Jetpilot Dog Vest

    Worried about the dog? This is over now!

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  7. RollerBone EVA Board

    RollerBone EVA Board

    The new RollerBone is trend & fun sports equipment at the same time

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  8. Spinera Kato 1

    Spinera Kato 1

    With the Spinera Kato 1 – the boredom is gone.
    It does not matter if you let yourself be dragged over the water or if you use it as a dinghy, the K...

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  9. Spinera Waterpilot 2

    Spinera Waterpilot 2

    The Spinera Waterpilot 2 – does not just offer action…
    The Waterpilot 2 offers two great options: It is totally fun to drive, offers a good sense...

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  10. Spinera SUP's

    Spinera SUP's

    The Spinera SUPs differ in their length and color. Furthermore, they are weight dependent.

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