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Dear customer! 

Here you can submit a complaint request as a commercial dealer, distributor or operator. This applies only to goods purchased directly from POD International. Products that were not purchased directly from us, i.e. were purchased through a dealer or partner, must also be claimed from this contract partner! Please note in your claim the warranty, and warranty conditions and the deadlines. 

For the rest, our General Terms and Conditions apply, which you can view here.


Despite the high quality standards of our products, occasionally a product may have a manufacturing defect.

To make your complaint easier and thus raise the service level, from now on you need to submit your complaint request through our service tool. This tool provides you with both ease of use when filling out the claim and better traceability.

Once a warranty claim has been submitted with original invoice and pictures, our staff will get to work on your issue and a resolution immediately.


Warranty deadlines:

All info about the warranty can also be found in the General Terms and Conditions.

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Warranty from date of purchase:

3 months: Spinera Professional 

12 months: Spinera Professional HD products

The warranty is violated by improper storage. Towables must not be stored in direct sunlight when not in use. Furthermore, all products must be hosed down with fresh water after each use in seawater to prevent premature material wear.
All consumer products are excluded from warranty for professional / commercial use, this also applies to Aqua Marina products.
We reserve the right that for commercial use small holes must be glued by the user himself. We will provide the glue for free if needed.

Strategy for effective and fast complaint handling:

Please use the following items to verify if your customer has a warranty claim:

  1. Purchase date, slider or kicker damaged, normal wear and use...
  2. If the damage appears to be due to a material or manufacturing defect, be sure to contact us before sending the damaged item to us. Often the problem can be clarified over the phone. Usually it is sufficient to send a digital photo of the damaged goods by email.
  3. We will then decide whether or not you should send the goods to us in Germany for inspection. If you need to return goods, the package must be sufficiently franked. We will not cover the cost of returning the defective item, but we will cover the cost of shipping the new or repaired product. We do not accept freight collect parcels! Please include a copy of the original invoice with the date of purchase and a brief description of the damage.
  4. If it is a material or production defect, the goods will be repaired accordingly or we will send a replacement.

If you urgently need a replacement before the claim could be finished, you are welcome to order and pay for the same item. If it turns out to be a warranty case, we will refund the full purchase price. If there is no warranty, you can decide whether you want to keep the replacement product or prefer to return it. 

Warranty periods:

If you did not buy the product directly from us, contact your contractor. For more information about the warranty please contact your respective contractual partner!

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We take great pride in the high quality standards of our products. Occasionally, a product may have a manufacturing defect. Generally, the warranty is 24 months from delivery. However, please note that after 6 months the burden of proof lies with the buyer.


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