UNION - New Aquapark Features 2024

Discover the exciting new features of UNION Aquaparks and look forward to the coming season full of fun and adventure! With Skip, Mound and Nest, your customers are in for an unforgettable experience. Get ready, because spring is just around the corner and with these new elements it will be even more exciting!



Despite its compact size, Skip offers a huge amount of fun in a small element. Weighing just 24kg, Skip is light and versatile. Perfect for pools and temporary events, this small but exciting element also offers a cost-effective option for open water parks. Offer your customers lots of fun with Skip in the water park!



The brand new UNION Aquapark feature Mound offers fun and excitement. With the option of attaching it to four sides, the Mound invites you to jump and romp and offers a versatile experience for water rats of all ages. With room for up to four people at a time, this inflatable wonder is perfect for group adventures or fun family outings.


This unique aqua park junction can be attached on all four sides and promises unrivalled excitement and fun for water sports enthusiasts. With room for up to four people, Nest not only offers exciting activities, but also an ideal rest area. It also serves as the perfect vantage point for guides to keep an optimum view of the crossing.



Look forward to unforgettable moments full of fun and action with the new UNION Aquapark features. Contact us today to place your order and make sure your aquapark is ready to start the coming season with a bang!